Bsc 3rd Year Physics Notes Pdf

Bsc 3rd Year Physics Notes Pdf

Hello friends welcome to our site Helpful Group. If you are a bsc 3rd year physics student and want to get bsc 3rd year physics notes pdf then you are in the right place because in this article we share bsc 3rd year physics notes pdf, so please completely read the article to get bsc 3rd year physics notes pdf.

Bsc 3rd Year Physics Notes Pdf

Bsc 3rd Year Physics Notes Pdf (Quantum Mechanics And Applications)

Schrodinger equation : Time dependent Schrodinger equation , Properties of
Wave Function, Interpretation of wave function, Probability and probability current densities in three dimensions, Conditions for Physical Acceptability of Wave Function, Normalization, Linearity and Superposition Principles. Wave function of a free particle ,Wave Packet, Fourier Transform and momemtum space Wavefunction ,Spread of Gaussian Wave packet, Evolution with time, Position and MomentumUncertainty.

Operators: Operators, Commutator Algebra, Position, Momentum Angular Momentum and Energy operators, Hermitian Operators, Expectation values of position and momentum, Ehrenfest Theorem, Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions of Hermitian Operator, Energy Eigen Spectrum, Degeneracy, Orthonormality of Eigen functions, Linear Dependance.

Atoms in Electric and Magnetic Fields: Electron angular momentum. Spacequantization,E LarmorsTheorem, SpinMagneticMoment,Vector Atom Model,L-S and J-J coupling, Zeeman Effect, Electron Magnetic Moment and Magnetic Energy,Gyromagnetic and BohrMagneton. Atomsin External Magnetic Fields (qualitative Discussiononly)

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Bsc 3rd Year Physics Notes Pdf (Solid State Physics)

Crystal Structure: Solids, Amorphous and Crystalline Materials, Lattice translation Vectors, Lattice with a Basis. Central and Non-Central Elements. Unit Cell, Miller Indices, Types of Lattices, Reciprocal Lattice, Brillouin zones, Diffraction of X-raysbycrystals, Atomic.

Elementary Lattice Dynamics: Lattice Vibrations and Phonons: Linear, Monotomic and Diatomic Chains, Acoustical and Optical Phonons, Qualitative Description of the phonon spectrum in solids, Dulong and Petits Law, Einstein and Debye theories of specific heat of solids, T 3 Law.

Magnetic Properties of Matter: Dia-, Para-, Ferri- and Ferromagnetic Materials, Classical Langevins theory of dia and Paramagnetic Domains, Curies law, Weiss Theory of B- H Curve, Hysteresis and Energy Loss.

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Bsc 3rd Year Physics Notes Pdf (Electromagnetic)

Maxwell Equations: Maxwells equations, Displacement Current,Vector and Scalar
Conditions at Interface between Different Media, Wave Equations, Plane Waves in Dielectric Media, Poynting Theorem and Poynting Vector, Electromagnetic(EM) Energy Density.

EM Wave Propagation in Unbounded Media: Plane EM waves through vacuumandisotropicdi electricmedium, refractive index and dielectric constant, wave impedance, Propagationthrough conductingmedia, relaxationtime,s Electricalconductivityofionized gases,plasmafrequency,refractiveindex,skindepth,applicationtopropagation.

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Bsc 3rd Year Physics Notes Pdf (Statistical Mechanics)

Classical Statistics-I: Macrostate and Microstate, Elementary Concept of Ensemble, Microcanonical, Canonical and Grand Canonical ensemble, Phase Space, Entropy and Thermodynamic Probability, Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution Law, Partition Function.

Classical Statistics-II : Thermodynamic Functions of an Ideal Gas, classical
Entropy Expression, Gibbs Paradox, Sackur Tetrode equation, Law of equipartition of
Energy (with proof)- Applications to Specific Heat and its Limitations, Thermodynamic Functions of a two energy levels system, NegativeTemperature.

Quantum Statistics: Identical particles, macrostates and microstates, Fermions and Bosons, Bose Einstein distribution function and Fermi- Dirac distribution function. Bose- Einstein Condensation, Bose deviation from Plancks law, Effect of temperature on Fermi-Dirac distribution function, degenerate Fermi gas, Density of States Fermienergy.

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