Bsc Agriculture 1st Year Notes Pdf

Bsc Agriculture 1st Year Notes Pdf

Hello friends welcome to our site Helpful Group. If you are a bsc agriculture 1st Year student and searching for bsc agriculture 1st year notes pdf then you are in the right place because in this article we share bsc agriculture 1st year notes pdf, so please completely read the article to get bsc agriculture 1st year notes pdf.

Bsc Agriculture 1st Year Notes Pdf

Bsc Agriculture 1st Year Notes Pdf (Princeples of Agronomy)

  • Definition and scope of Agronomy.
  • Classification of Crops or different basis.
  • General principles of Crop production: Climate, soil, soil preparation, seed and sowing, post sowing-tillage, water management, nutrient management, plant protection measures, harvesting, threshing and storage.  
  • Crop sequences and systems with special emphasis on mixed and inter-cropping.
  • Nutritional management of crops including application of manures, fertilizers and
  •  bio-fertilizers.

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Bsc Agriculture 1st Year Notes Pdf (Fundamentals of Soil Science)

  • Soil : Pedological and Edaphological concept and components of soil.
  • Important soil forming minerals and rocks, weathering of rocks and minerals. Soil forming factors and processes.  
  • Development of soil profile.
  • Physical properties of soil and their significance. 
  • Chemical properties of soil, cation and anion exchange phenomenon and their importance in agriculture.  
  • Soil air : Definition, composition and factors affecting the composition of soil air.
  • Soil water : Retention, potential, soil moisture constant, movement of soil water.
  • Soil colloids- Nature, structure, properties, types, chemical composition and their
  • importance.
  • soils reaction - Factors controlling of soil PH and influence of soil reaction on availability of nutrients.  
  • soil organic matter – composition and their maintenance in soil, humus formation and its importance in soil fertility management.  
  • Biofertilizers : Definition, types and their potential, nitrogen fixing bacteria, symbiotic and non symbiotic nitrogen fixation, nutrient solublizing bacteria, merits of biofertilizers.  
  • Important soil types of India with special reference to the U.P. soil.

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Bsc Agriculture 1st Year Notes Pdf (Elements of Genetics)

  • Definition, significance and historical development in genetics.
  • Mendel's Law's of heredity .
  • Chromosomal theory of inheritance, meiosis and mitosis.
  • Linkage and crossing over - types, mechanism and significance.
  • Nucleic acid as genetic material - structure, replication, genetic code,and translation.
  • Mutation - spontaneous and induced.
  • Chromosomal changes - molecular, structural and numerical.
  • Multiple factor inheritance and multiple alleles, blood groups in man and body coat colour in rabbits.  
  • Sex chromosomes and its determination in man and droisophila, sex linked characters.  
  • Cytoplasmic inheritance - plasma and nuclear, gene interaction.

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Bsc Agriculture 1st Year Notes Pdf (Fundamentals of Horticulture)

  • Introductory knowledge of main branches of horticulture and their importance.
  • Botanical classification of fruits.
  • Climatic fruit zones of Uttar Pradesh and fruits grown therein.
  • Establishment of orchards; Selection of site, systems of planting.
  • Orchard soil management.
  • Systems of irrigation.
  • Principles of pruning and systems of training of fruit plants.
  • Unfruitfulness - its causes and measures to overcome it.
  • Fruit drop - its causes and measures to control it.
  • Rejuvenation of orchards.
  • Brief studies of Polyembryony, Parthenocarpy and incompatibility.

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Bsc Agriculture 1st Year Notes Pdf (Agricultural Meterology)

  • Different meteorological variables related to agriculture.
  • Rainfall- Hydrological cycle and it’s components. Types and forms of precipitation. Storms, occurrence, variation and measurement of rainfall. Rain guage, computation and analysis of data. Plotting of mass curve and rainfall intensity curve.  
  • Run-off - Definition, types, factors affecting, estimation and measurement.
  • Atmosphere - Definition and structure, climate and weather, atmospheric pressure, factors affecting and measurement.  
  • Elementary idea of insolation, Temperature – kinds, measuring instruments of temperature and evaporation. Factors affecting and measurement of temperature and evaporation.  
  • Humidity, definition, kind and importance.
  • Agro Climatic Zones in India.
  • Elementry idea of weather forecasting.

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