Bsc Agriculture 3rd Semester Notes

Bsc Agriculture 3rd Semester Notes 

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Bsc Agriculture 3rd Semester Notes

Bsc Agriculture 3rd Semester Notes (Field Crops I)

Importance, origin, distribution climate varieties soil practices, manuring and irrigation, plant protection, harvesting and processing of the following crops, under different agroclimatic conditions of U.P.  

  1. Cereal Crops : Paddy, Maize.
  2. Millet Crops : Sorghum, Bajra.
  3. Oil seed crops : Groundnut, Til, castor.
  4. Pulses Crops : Pigeon Pea, Urdbean, Moongbean, Soybean, Cowpea.
  5. Fibre Crops : Cotton, Jute, Sunnhemp.
  6. Green Manure crops : Sun hemp and Dhaincha.
  7. Fodder Crops : Chari, Napier, Sudan grass, Cluster bean, cowpea.

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Bsc Agriculture 3rd Semester Notes (Principles of Plant Breeding)

  1. Plant Breeding - history, objectives and scope.
  2. Mode of reproduction in crop plants in relation to breeding techniques.
  3. Plant variation kind and causes.
  4. Genetic consequences of self and cross pollinated crops.
  5. Plant Introduction and exploration.
  6. Breeding self pollinated crops, population’s improvement, Mass selection, recurrent selection. Breeding cross pollinated crops mass selection, pedigree, bulk and back cross methods.  
  7. Male sterility and its importance.
  8. Breeding of asexually propagated crops, Clonal selection and apomixes.
  9. Polyploidy and mutation breeding.

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Bsc Agriculture 3rd Semester Notes (Vegetable Crops Production)

  1. Importance and scope of vegetable production.
  2. Classification of vegetables.
  3. Types of vegetable gardens. 
  4. Cultivation and seed production of major vegetables like Potato, Brinjal, chillies,  tomato, Cauliflower, Cabbage, knol khol, Onion, gourds, Musk melon, Watermelon, Okra, Radish, Carrot and Pea.

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Bsc Agriculture 3rd Semester Notes (Princeples and method of soil and water conservation)

  1. Definition, importance and history of soil conservation in agriculture.
  2. Physical properties of soil and their determination.
  3. Definition of Soil survey and land use capability classification.
  4. Measurement of distance, direction and elevation of survey.
  5. Definition, types, mechanism and causes of erosion. Factors affecting soil erosion. Agronomical practices for soil and water conservation. Engineering practices such as bunding, terracing, temporary and permanent structures for gully control. Grassed waterways, water harvesting, shifting cultivation.  
  6. Definition, objectives and uses of Remote Sensing.

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Bsc Agriculture 3rd Semester Notes (Farm Power And Machinery)

  1. Farm structures farm site, food grain storage structure, Building materials for farm house, dairy building and poultry housing.  
  2. Elementary knowledge about the engineering terminology and calculations on piston displacement, compression ratio, HP and efficiencies of engines. Construction and working of four stroke and two stroke cycle I.C. engines, common engine troubles, causes and their remedies  
  3. Classification of tractors, Elementary knowledge about main components of tractor and their functions such as steering, clutches, transmission gears, differential and final drive, brakes, belt, pulley PTO, shaft and hydraulic lift. Methods of starting and stopping of tractors. General care and maintenance.  
  4.  Study of simple parts, operation and installation of an electric motor (Induction type only), calculation of HP units consumed. Role of switches, fuses and starter.  
  5. Study of construction, working principles, troubles and adjustments of the following machines: M.B. Plough, Disc plough, Disc harrow, cultivator, secondary tillage equipments, seed drill and planter, reaper and mower, threshers, combine, sprayers and dusters. Calculation of area covered, power requirement and efficiency of above machines. Calibration of seed drill.

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